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I learned this while watching Drunk History! I was shocked I had never hear of her before.

Not even on tumblr!

I’ve seen this on Drunk History too!! Drunk History on comedy central: a better source for American history than the education system.

HERE’s a 3 minute skit from Drunk History, the facts are pretty spot on & is well told.

I too have learned so much, including this, from drunk history.


Anonymous asked:

I just noticed General Iroh is older than Pema... So given most characters had their kids when they were 30+, Honora is well into her 60s and Zuko had her not long after The Rift. Could we get a Royal Wedding if there is another comic? Could Iroh have hit on Pema once wen she arrived to air temple island? Lots of questions



I don’t think we ever got an official age for Iroh, just the joking one in the commentary, and I haven’t read the comics. So who knows. But I don’t really get the vibe that Iroh would hit on Pema or anyone really. He seems too focused on his job and oblivious to the rest of the world to me. IDK

I bet Iroh is as oblivious as Zuko was when Jin was hitting on him.

"Commander Bumi that girl wants to know military secrets!"

"Kid she just wants your royal dragon."

"But I don’t have one!"

"Uncle Hotman owes me big time for what I’m about to tell you."



New clip from “After All These Years”. [x]


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